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IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon


Tildelt: kr 24 999

Traffic Monitoring and Analysis (TMA) is a well respected venue in the network measurement and analysis community. This year, the 7th TMA PhD School will be organized in conjuction with TMA. TMA PhD School will include 3 tutorials, by 3 distinct lecturers, over a 2 day program. Lectures will focus on the fundamental aspects of large-scale Internet measurements and analysis techniques that can be explored by students working on different topics. Each lecture is accompanied by a related practical lab session, where students have the opportunity to put in practice learned notions. One of the lectures in the TMA PhD School will be given by the project leader of IKTPLUSS MEMBRANE project, Dr. Özgü Alay, Senior Research Scientist at Simula Research Laboratory, Norway. Her lecture will deal with the basics of distributed active measurement and the related lab will leverage the MONROE mobile broadband measurement platform to provide students with hands-on experience with typical issues related to large scale measurements experiments. Furthermore, she will address the data analytics approaches on the data collected that are covered under the IKTPLUSS MEMBRANE project. TMA PhD school is a very good venue to disseminate the Simula-led H2020 MONROE project as well as IKTPLUSS MEMBRANE project to the next generation of researchers. Simula Research Laboratory, and in return Norway, will have an increased visibility both in the PhD school as well as in TMA conference. This increased visibility can greatly help to the recruitment process of hiring high quality researchers to Simula and Norway.


IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon