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PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

Coastal - rural interactions: enhancing synergies between land and sea - based activities (RUR-02-2017)

Tildelt: kr 29 999

The project is still in the formative phase; a project summary cannot be be produced yet. Preliminary objectives formulation is given above; the following iadditional information can be gives p.t.: The CORAL project is aimed at investigating how innovative governance and business models, together with cross - sectoral economic and social development approaches, could foster synergistic relationships among the coast and its hinterland and the sea, in particular with a focus on mitigating the impact of land - based ac tivities on coastal water quality. Analysis will revolve around 12 different case studies covering a representative set of coastal ar eas across Europe. Case studies have been selected considering geographical distribution, economic specialization of coastal areas and different institutional frameworks. The first objective of the project will be to identify the various components of local economies at the interface of land and sea, analyse their respective importance and short, medium and long - term development trends and investigate interactions between land (coast and hinterland) and sea through the adoption of a multi - disciplinary perspective (environmental, agri cultural and s ocio - economic). The analysis will also provide an inventory of the positive and negative externalities of different activities in the case study ar eas, including the effect they have on each other, and considering whether solutions exist to mitigate negative externalities and enhance positive externalities, and listing motivations and barriers to change for the types of player involved. In addition, research will highlight existing and/or potential cross - sectoral interactions and innovation that could emerge from greater cooperation between sea - based and land - base d businesses or organisations.


PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020