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DIV-INT-Annet internasjonalt samarbeid

Norwegian Funding of SNBL through SNX Foundation 2018-2020

Tildelt: kr 12,6 mill.

This project is a continuation of more than 20 years of collaboration between Swiss and Norwegian research institutions leading to construction and development of one of the most successful beamlines at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF). The continuation of SNBL will not only ensure access to advanced research infrastructure but also give Norwegian research groups the possibility to form and develop a state-of-the-art X-ray beamline at the largest synchrotron radiation facility in Europe. SNBL is a unique gateway to direct collaboration with top international universities such as ETH and EPFL. It also acts as an excellent training facility for M.Sc. and PhD candidates at Norwegian universities. The SNBL initiative is supported by five of the largest research institutions in Norway; NTNU, UiO, IFE, UiB and UiS, making the facility an important arena also for national and cross-discipline collaboration. This project enables the user institutions to administrate the SNBL membership themselves, through the coordinating project responsible institution.


DIV-INT-Annet internasjonalt samarbeid

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