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FRINATEK-Fri prosj.st. mat.,naturv.,tek

NORDAN Conference 2018

Tildelt: kr 99 999


NORDAN is an annual mathematics conference in complex analysis and geometry, and is the largest meeting place for the Nordic research groups working in this branch of mathematics. In addition, the conference attracts attendees from outside the Nordic region, both from Europe as well as from countries further abroad. NORDAN provides an opportunity for several invited experts in complex analysis and geometry to present the results of their recent research to an international audience comprising established mathematicians in the field and aspiring young researchers. Typically, a small number of the invited conference speakers are researchers who have recently finished their PhD, and the conference gives them an ideal opportunity to promote themselves and their work to the international mathematics community. Several periods are scheduled during the conference proceedings for informal discussion, with the aim of encouraging new collaborations between researchers from different institutions. In 2018 the University of Stavanger wishes to host NORDAN for the first time. The recent hiring of two new associate professors in complex analysis and geometry at the University of Stavanger has considerably strengthened the local research group, making 2018 an ideal year to host the conference in Stavanger for the first time. Hosting NORDAN in 2018 will enable the University of Stavanger's research group in complex analysis and geometry to strengthen its relationships with the other national research groups in the field, located in Oslo, Trondheim (NTNU), and Bergen, with the aim of increasing the degree of national research cooperation and collaboration into the future. The NORDAN conference will also provide an ideal opportunity to internationally promote the University of Stavanger, and more broadly, the whole of Norway, as producing world-class research in complex analysis and geometry.


FRINATEK-Fri prosj.st. mat.,naturv.,tek