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Sino-Norwegian partnership on industry-applied micro and nanotechnology for water safety monitoring and welfare applications

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2017 - 2019

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This INT-BILAT project is to support multiple travels to China for the realization of meetings with key Chinese R&D institutions envisaging preparation of proposals and subsequent cooperation in large-scale projects. The applicant Sensovann AS, a spin-off from the University College of Southeast Norway, is currently owner of the FORNY 2020 project "SENS-U" (proj. no. in RCN: 268481), which is devoted to the demonstration of a novel urine assay test for urinary infections. However, the company has the plan to expand its industrial-based R&D activities to knowledge areas and markets related to water safety monitoring and chronic disease screening and follow-up. To obtain success in future projects to be financed by RCN and/or EU, Sensovann needs to establish a network of partners that can ensure the successful realization of planned R&D activities. Many research institutions in China have been interested in these topics, and Sensovann has found mutuality of interests with three Chinese research institutions and two Chinese hospitals, with which the company is willing to establish cooperation. The potential partners will bring competence and industrial research experiences into the projects, thus assisting Sensovann to solve critical R&D challenges. The main R&D challenges are related to technology aspects of applied micro- and nanotechnology, such as fabrication of nanodevices and validation of nanodevice performance in proper laboratory environments. The INT-BILAT project is expected to be decisive to the establishment of partnerships between the applicant and key Chinese institutions described in the Attachment. More information about the INT-BILAT project plan is shown in the Attachment.

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