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DIV-INT-Annet internasjonalt samarbeid

Development of Nofima - Indian consortium for hilsa aquaculture in India.

Tildelt: kr 29 999

Macher Raja, Ilish hilsa the king of fish, as known in Bangladesh is one of the world?s most cultural important fish. It is the national fish of Bangladesh and extremely popular in the Indian states of West Bengal, Orissa, Tripura and Assam, known by a wide variety of names, and perhaps consumed by 250 million people. Hilsa is nutritionally important with one of the highest omega-3 fatty acid contents of any commercial fish. Like the Atlantic salmon, but unusual for tropical fish, it breeds in rivers and then the young migrate to the sea, returning as adults for spawning. It is unfortunately though a wild resource in decline, in large part due to hydrological changes in its major spawning habitats in the Ganges river watershed, over-fishing and habitat degradation. If the current trends continue, it will result not only in the loss of a cultural icon for the people of Bengal but a nutritionally significant food for the poor. Recognizing the importance of the hilsa, as well as the significant market demand and opportunities, scientists in both Bangladesh and India have started trials on the breeding and culture of the species. Some progress has been made, but research efforts have been scattered, with no systematic approach, making it is clear that a much more focused and coordinated research and development initiative is required if progress is to be made. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to bring Norwegian expertise to India and develop consortium to create a new industry. The key activities of project involve critical analysis of literature and existing experiences, workshop/meetings to define research needs and development of concept/proposal for follow up. Potential impacts will be new species suitable for culture in regions of the Ganges delta, new investment opportunities for Norwegian R&D institutions and industries, impacts on nutrition and other positive social, economic and environmental benefits.


DIV-INT-Annet internasjonalt samarbeid