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PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

Competence and Quality Assurance System

Tildelt: kr 74 999

The overall vision of the KEEN-QK project is to prototype, pilot and commercialise our disruptive Competence and Quality Assurance System that combines documentation, management system with competence building for every health worker on the most accessible device they have available; their mobile phone. We have performed a Phase 1 Feasibility Study funded through the SME-Instrument (GA#774274) that clearly demonstrated KEEN-QK's commercial viability. During the study, we created a Strategic Business Plan (SBP) and elaborated a detailed roadmap describing all the necessary activities to ensure successful market uptake, with detailed allocation of resources, milestones, and deadlines. We now seek to develop our Commercialisation Plan (CP), an important part of the final Business Innovation Plan (BIP), to be created in the envisaged Phase 2 project. As the project builds upon final maturation and large-scale piloting of our prototype, the majority of efforts will focus on the following activities: - Technology Maturation: Overall objective to scale up our prototype technology from current TRL7 to TRL8 by means of an integrated series of technology elevating activities. - Large-scale Piloting together with large end-users: Demonstrate the commercial potential of the KEEN-QK in real operating environments. The piloting activities will demonstrate important product specifications in terms of performance, functionality and reliability - elevating our prototype technology from TRL8 to TRL9. - Value chain: Secure our up- and downstream value chain, and scale-up our operational resource to meet expected market demand and achieve projected economic impact post project. - Commercialisation and communication: Continuously perform market analytics covering the world and update our detailed plan for stakeholder engagement and execute it. - Project and innovation Management: Implement a detailed innovation management strategy and develop our final BIP and associated CP.


PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020