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Study trip to Minneapolis in the Health Executive Lean Launchpad program.

Tildelt: kr 40 000





2018 - 2018

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Health Executive Lean Launchpad is designed to assist startup companies in the health care sector, so chances for success are increased for participating companies. From meetings, instructions and tasks participating startup companies learn how to investigate the market, validate the business ideas, and overcome obstacles in the process of getting the business running. You may read more on the program here: http://www.norwayhealthtech.com/project/health-executive-lean-launch-pad/ Minneapolis has a strong connection to Oslo and Norway, and Norway Health Tech has solid connections to key players in the health market in Minneapolis. The contents and meetings in Minneapolis are coordinated and sponsored by the program and Norway Health Tech, but all cost related to traveling, staying and living in Minneapolis are the responsibility of each participating company. By attending this trip, Zyberia hopes to get the insights required to understand the US Health market, and take this market into account, when our products are designed.