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PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

Vindskip® - an eco-efficient hybrid RoRo/Car Carrier powered by the wind and LNG for sustainable transport of environmentally friendly cars

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2018 - 2019

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Inspired by the aviation and speed sailing. True wind is the wind measured on board a stationary ship. When the ship starts moving, the Apparent wind or relative wind, is generated. The Apparent wind is what you measure on board a moving ship. The Wind Power system of Vindskip® utilizes the Apparent wind and generates a positive force, a Pull, in the speed direction of the ship as a function of the Apparent wind Angle of Attack. The vessel's LNG-powered propulsion system will start the ship from zero up to the desired speed. The Vindskip®-concept is consisting of: Wind Power System. The ability the ship design has to generate a pull in the speed direction as a function of the Apparent Wind Angle of Attack Cruise Control. An LNG-powered Propulsion System keeping a constant speed on the ship even though the wind will vary over time. Weather Routing Module. A computer program is calculating the ships best route, meeting the ETA with lowest possible fuel consumption. A clear estimate of the ship's lightweight is needed, provided by Uljanik SY through calculations based on FEM of a 3D-model of the ship. Giving input to CFD-tests giving resistance through water at certain speeds and conditions, carried out by Sintef Marintek. Company Brunvoll Volda AS, Stadt AS and Høglund Marine A/S is supplying the ship’s LNG propulsion machinery and Cruise Control. To validate the Fuel consumption, Fraunhofer will simulate a transatlantic crossing by means of statistical weather data. One Round Trip per week will be simulated, in total 52 RTs, equalling one year of steaming. In this way finding a real-world fuel consumption. For the Route to be sailed, the Initial Route is being planned in NAVTOR Navstation. This route will be weather optimized and the Furuno ECDIS FMD will run a safety check on it and the optimized Route becomes official with Way Points generated. The Track Pilot and the Speed Pilot will monitor the route through the arrival at the WP's and if necessary adjust.


PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020