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NANO2021-Nanoteknologi og nye materiale

NANO-ONCOLOGY: Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials in Combating Cancer

Tildelt: kr 36 127




2018 - 2019


Oslo Cancer Cluster (OCC) would like to present a meeting focusing on Nanotechnology and its impact on Cancer. To achieve this, OCC would invite members of the industry working within nanotechnology and cancer research to give presentations and join topical discussions about how advances in technology and cancer research have merged and its impact on cancer diagnosis and better efficacy for cancer treatment. Providing a forum for industry stakeholders to meet and share knowledge will deepen understanding and enhance opportunities for further development of technologies implemented for cancer diagnosis and treatment options. Discussion areas will center on themes which could include: Nanoparticles – Its impact on Cancer Treatment, Employing Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery, Cancer Diagnostics and Improving Treatment Options. The goal is to gather industry stakeholders and academia to address topical issues and engage in discussions which could lead to collaboration to advance ideas and innovation within cancer research and treatment. The plan is to facilitate a meeting for 80 – 120 participants from industry, academia, and interested parties. Meeting location: Trondheim. Oslo Cancer Cluster is a research and industry cluster dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients by accelerating the development of new cancer diagnostics and medicines. To help achieve this goal, the Cluster endeavors to provide forums to encourage knowledge-sharing and cooperation to fuel discussions and innovation for stakeholders working within nanotechnology and cancer research. Norway has exciting potential to further the development and advance technologies for cancer diagnosis and treatment. Through an initial project inquiry, potential speakers, a location, and date have been identified. The forum could be planned for March or April 2019 in Trondheim. The forum will be able to accommodate up to 100 participants at a location with good connectivity to public transport.


NANO2021-Nanoteknologi og nye materiale