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11th Norwegian-German Seminar on Public Economics

Tildelt: kr 75 000




2019 - 2020

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The 11th Norwegian-German Seminar on Public Economics is another joint initiative of CESifo, NoCeT, and OFS, takes place in Munich, Germany, and brings together about 25 researchers plus some local non-presenting participants from the CESifo network in Munich. Traditionally, there are 10 to 12 participants from Norwegian institutions, about 12 active participants from German-speaking institutions (i.e., from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland) plus 2 to 4 international researchers. The direct aim is to share and discuss recent high-level research in the field of public economics, particularly issues in taxation. Both Norway and Germany have long-standing traditions with research in public economics, and Norwegian-German research cooperation has proven very successful in the past. The seminar has a strong reputation in Germany and full support from CESifo, including its president Clemens Fuest who participated in the conference in 2017. The conference will allow researchers from all Norwegian institutions to promote their recent work in Germany and particularly at CESifo. All conference papers are invited to be published in the CESifo working paper series which is the largest and most influential working paper series in Europe. Furthermore, the seminar will provide insights into recent research trends and help building and fostering cooperation between Norway and Germany. Previous conferences in this seminar series over the last 20 years have turned out to be very productive in attracting researchers to Norway and establishing contacts of Norwegians in Germany. The scientific organizers are Marko Köthenbürger (ETH Zürich) and Dirk Schindler (NoCeT). CESifo covers the expenditures for the German and international participates and provides facilities and organization staff. Together with NFR support, NoCeT and OFS will cover travel expenditures for the Norwegian participants. Importantly, researchers from all Norwegian institutions are invited to submit a paper.