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NORGLOBAL2-Norge - global partner

Conference on education, gender and entrepreneurship

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2020 - 2022

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The conference will take place in 2021 (the exact timing depending on the covid situation) with a target audience of 100, including researchers, policy makers and practitioners. There will be seven keynote lectures, each of 30 minutes, and a one-hour policy debate, involving both researchers, policy makers and practitioners. The keynote lectures will be given by the PIs from our Norglobal project, where we will share preliminary findings from the study based on the short-term follow-up survey, scheduled to take place in November 2019, and which will address various issues from the project pertaining to education, childhood development, and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from related international research. In addition, we will invite Professor Jakob Svensson from Stockholm University, who is a leading expert on education and development and with a longstanding relationship with Uganda, Munshi Sulaiman, who is a leading member of Brac Uganda and associated with Makerere University Business School in Kampala, and Fortunata Makene from Economic and Social Research Foundation, Tanzania. The policy debate will involve ministers and leading practitioners as well as researchers. We will cooperate with our partner Brac Uganda to organise the event and connect with local NGOs to announce the conference and recruit key stakeholders. We will cooperate with Munshi Sulaiman to reach out to the local research community, and with the Norwegian Embassy to connect us with key stakeholders in the relevant government ministries.


NORGLOBAL2-Norge - global partner