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Added value from Horizon 2020 project SUPER PV - PV IMPACT

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2020 - 2021

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PV IMPACT-prosjektet ble etablert for å styrke effekten av Horizon 2020-prosjektet SUPER PV i Norge. Progresjon for perioden 01.10.2021-31.12.2021 er beskrevet nedenfor (nummerering av aktiviteter / milepæler er den samme som i prosjektbeskrivelsen). 6) Artikkel 2 i nasjonale media. Innlegget "Fremtiden er fornybar, og grønn" ble sendt inn til publisering i norske media desember 2021. Se også beskrivelse i "Results report". 7) Sluttrapport. Obligatorisk sluttrapport er lastet opp som et separat vedlegg.

The main outcome of the project is a contribution to an enhanced awareness and visibility for silicon-based solar energy as a real opportunity in a Norwegian context. Popular science publication in Teknisk Ukeblad has resulted in concrete follow-up opportunities with regards to exploring the potential for solar energy in some local Norwegian communities.

SUPER PV is a 4-year Horizon 2020 project started in 2018 by 26 partners. The timing of SUPER PV has shown to be perfect, as key issues addressed in the project are of the most trending topics in the solar PV community in 2019, ranging from digitalisation of the PV sector and big data analytics, through the introduction of bifacial solar modules, to new approaches for recycling of solar modules. The EU grant for SUPER PV is 9 907 793 EUR, while BNW and SINTEF have a grant of 1 079 410,5 EUR combined. The key is to maximise the impact of SUPER PV innovations, relevant for a Norwegian setting. Hence, the present project, PV IMPACT, will focus on dissemination and communication through dedicated workshops, involving industry, NGO's, policy-makers and the research community. We aim for two workshops where key experts from the EU project will give presentations on the selected topics. To ensure good communication, we will also invite external experts, including policymakers, to present their perspectives and outlook.The SUPER PV demo-site infrastructure equipped with advanced monitoring and big data analytics systems currently under construction in Trondheim, Oslo and five sites abroad, will be presented to the Norwegian solar community as a basis for exploring new collaborative PV related activities. The workshops will include panel debates, and we will promote binary follow-up with interested parties. Recommendations from workshops will be communicated in national media, e.g. Aftenposten / Dagens Næringsliv. To strengthen the involvement of Norwegian actors in the EU project, we will invite one key Norwegian company to take part in the EU project's Advisory Board; a perfect place to observe and influence the direction of SUPER PV for the remaining 2 1/2 years of its duration. We will give a presentation at EUPVSEC 2021 on Solar PV activities and solar power potential in Norway. Finally, a public report will sum up the recommendations from the project.