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ENERGIX-Stort program energi

Performance and Reliability of Ocean Suns floating photovoltaic Technology (PRO Sun)

Alternativ tittel: PRO Sun

Tildelt: kr 4,1 mill.




2020 - 2023

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Flytende solkraft er en ny og raskt voksende industri. Det norske selskapet Ocean Sun har utviklet en unik teknologi flytende solkraftverk basert på selskapets sterke kompetanse og erfaring fra både maritim sektor og solcelleindustrien. I dette prosjektet fortsetter Ocean Sun sitt samarbeid med solkraftforskningsmiljøet på IFE. Ocean Sun installerte flere anlegg rundt om i verden, nye anlegg ble installert under prosjeket. Innenfor prosjektet ble disse instrumentert opp for videre analyser av ytelse og pålitelighet.

Impact of results Industry: The results from PROSUN have been, and still are, critical for the success of the Ocean Sun floating PV technology, as the questions that have been answered within this project are questions that are regularly asked by new and future customers. The technology Ocean Sun delivers is far from the standard PV mounting structures, both with respect to mechanical load but also for energy yield assessments in the commonly used tools. This requires a solid knowledge foundation when it comes to proving the technology than for example other floating PV systems. The results from this project have already helped Ocean Sun to win new contracts and have contributed an R&D project in an offshore wind farm, with a huge potential for future installations. Research: This project has allowed IFE to expand its activity in floating PV and establish a more robust competence and technology base on floating PV. IFE is now one of the largest research groups on PV performance of floating PV internationally, and much of this is due to the collaboration between IFE and Ocean Sun in the recent years. Society: As of today, Ocean Sun’s technology is considered one of the only viable technologies in areas with high wind speeds. For many of these areas, floating PV is one of the few, if only, possible sources of renewable energy. Thus, the project results have an important impact on society.

Ocean Sun is developing a new technology for floating photovoltaic (f-PV) power plants which can yield enhanced performance, easier transport of components and potentially lower costs of installation compared to today’s leading f-PV technologies. The f-PV market is still in its infancy and incumbent solutions exhibit both technical and cost challenges. However, it is already growing very rapidly and in the longer term, the World Bank anticipates a total accumulated installed capacity of f-PV approaching 2 TWp. Ocean Sun's proprietary concept for a f-PV power plant consists of a floater, a membrane, PV modules, and mounting solution for the modules. The components are predominantly standard components from land-based PV systems and aquaculture, but with small modifications. The current cost of the components, the expected cost of R&D, and the commercial interest shown by customers show that the concept can be realized on commercially interesting terms. In this project we will perform R&D required for exploiting three unique opportunities of the Ocean Sun technology. In addition the project addresses several concrete challenges with respect to operations and maintenance of the Ocean Sun f-PV technology. The three opportunities are: 1. Improved yield of the f-PV power plant by exploitation of direct water cooling 2. Increased packing density of PV modules on the f-PV structure 3. Improved reliability through reducing the thermal strain Hence, in this project, we will improve upon Ocean Sun's unique and innovative f-PV technology by targeting improvements in both yield, installation and operating costs, and reliability. In the project, we will also demonstrate that a competitive LCOE is obtainable with the Ocean Sun technology, a topic of vital for the growth of Ocean Sun into the growing international f-PV market.


ENERGIX-Stort program energi