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SSF-Svalbard Science Forum

Carboniferous - Permian sandstone properties on Bjørnøya and the Barents Sea

Tildelt: kr 67 999

This project will investigate Carbonieferous - Permain sandstones properties, provenance and diagenetic history with respect to sedimentological facies and depositional environments on Bjørnøya through a two-week-long field campaign and post field work analysis. Samples and sedimentological data will be gathered on Bjørnøya outcrops. By collecting samples, diagenesis and compaction will be investigated through integrated optical microscope, cathodoluminoscence and scanning electron micrscope analyses. The results will be compared to shallow stratigraphic drilling cores from the Finnmark East area in the Barents Sea as there are regional variations in diagenesis and burial history.


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum