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NCDE-conference 2020

Tildelt: kr 49 999

The purpose of the Nordic Conference for Development Economics (NCDE) is to bring together young scholars with more senior ones within the broad field of development economics. All topics of development are covered, including the core SDG goals related to poverty, inequality, health, education, conflict and gender. The conference has in particular developed into a forum where PhD candidates can present their work before they enter the labor market. Most participants are from the Nordic countries and Northern Europe, but with many of the PhD students being originally from developing countries. This year we will in addition offer scholarships for participants from developing countries. We also make sure to invite policy makers from the ministries of foreign affairs and the aid agencies of the Nordic countries. The conference is organized in turn by the four Nordic countries, and within Norway in turn between Oslo, Bergen and Ås. The first conference was in Bergen in 2002, and it is now Bergen's turn to organize the 2021 conference. The Nordic Network for Development Economics has no funds and is dependent on the local organizers being able to fund each conference to sustain the network. Participants pay their own travel and accomodation, while the local organizer cover food, rooms and keynote speakers.


NORGLOBAL2-Norge - global partner