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POS-ERC-Støtte til ERC søkere som oppnår god evaluering

ERC CoG follow-up

Alternativ tittel: ERC søknad oppfølging

Tildelt: kr 0,50 mill.

Prosjektet skal lede til en ny søknad til ERC.

This proposed ERC research project aims to enlarge substantially our understanding of how engagement with music can help us live well with ourselves and others. By uncovering scholarly lacunae comprehensively for the first time, the project examines how philosophical and musicological perspectives on musical ethics can be enriched by new interdisciplinary interaction. Scholarly explorations of music and ethics have begun to play a significant intellectual role, but have as yet failed to generate comprehensive cross-disciplinary approaches for current and future investigations. The project builds on the recent resurgence of critical dialogue between music studies and philosophy, and seeks to develop a new conceptual framework that will enable researchers to a) analyse and elucidate key aspects of the ways in which musical engagement can help us live well with ourselves and others, b) build on the extensive developments in recent '4E' approaches to cognitive science that would open new perspectives on the extent to which musical engagement has ethical import, and c) acknowledge and utilise the work undertaken on the subject of music and ethics in other disciplines, both historically, conceptually, and empirically thereby merging academic interests across disciplinary borders.


POS-ERC-Støtte til ERC søkere som oppnår god evaluering