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MILJØFORSK-Miljøforskning for en grønn samfunnsomstilling

Living Norway Ecological Data Network colloquium 2020: Towards openness and transparency in applied ecology

Tildelt: kr 99 999

We hereby apply for funding for a two-day colloquium in October 2020 in Trondheim, Norway. The theme for the event is open science and FAIR data management in Applied Ecology and related fields. Although these topics have been on the agenda for a while, there is a real need for an increased attention and a cultural shift to fully harvest the benefits of the open science era. We aim to bring together researchers of all career stages and from a range of institutions, students, and other stakeholder groups (research funders, research publishers and management authorities). The general program will be a i) open lectures by national and international experts on day 1, and 2) workshops on day 2. On day 1, we will cover a broad range of topics relevant for open science and FAIR data management within our field. We will highlighting the challenges and possibilities of the open science era, with focus on open data and FAIR data management. In the workshops we will pay specific attention to education and training of students in data management and open science practices, and new possibilities arising when applying novel statistical methods in combination with open data. NINA will host the colloquium, which will be connected to The Living Norway Ecological Data Network (www.livingnorway.no). This network is particularly focusing on data mobilization efforts, development of new tools and e-infrastructure for FAIR data management and open science, as well as on training and education for students and established researchers. The network include seven institutions (NINA, NTNU, University of Bergen, Artsdatabanken, University of Oslo, NIVA and Norwegian University of Life Sciences), and is closely collaborating with the Norwegian node of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). The workshops on day two will be arranged in collaboration with SFF CBD (NTNU; statistical modelling of new open data sources) and SFU bioCEED (UiB; education and training).


MILJØFORSK-Miljøforskning for en grønn samfunnsomstilling