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PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

Development of sustainable closure product & process for packaging which meet the new EU directives

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2020 - 2020

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The overall aim of the CleverCaps project is to build the first ever (valve) closure made of multiple components in a mono-material. We will design and manufacture our cutting-edge lightweight mono-material valves to optimize recycling and reduce plastic pollution associated with cap separation, thereby complying with the highest quality standards and most recent EU plastics and EU packaging regulations. The CleverCaps project consists of three key milestones: 1) finalising the optimised design of the valve integrated to the closure and tethered to the bottle (all mono-material) (lead: SmartSeal); 2) engineering and producing unique assembly machinery customized for the cap’s proprietary design and specifications in compliance with latest EU Directives, achieving high-speed assembly output and high quality assurance (lead: GEFIT); and 3) install machinery in a large-scale industrial setting to measure overall performance with different types of containers (lead: Haval). The project is well aligned to the Eurostars programme, which is designed to support research intensive SMEs with early stage high risk R&D-focused projects with a large potential market and a short route to market (< two years) which is a good characterisation of this project. Besides Smartseal acting as project coordinator and being involved in all work packages, the consortium will consist of: GEFIT (IT) will produce the assembly machinery for the CleverCaps mono-material valves. Haval (NL) will install our machinery in their manufacturing plant for measuring performance and upgrading the CleverCaps to the results. The consortium brings together all necessary expertise, covering the whole value chain to improve, validate and commercialise CleverCaps on the international stage.


PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020