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BIA-Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena

The New Norwegian Retail and Fashion Space Innovations through Interplay of Digital Technologies

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2020 - 2020

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Fashion retail and retail architecture are domains that will be the most affected by COVID19. We already understand that some typologies such as department stores and traditional flagships are not going to survive the retail crisis, which we have entered with the international lockdowns. 2020 has brought us to a whole new and unexpected zone of social interaction between a retailer and a consumer: right now, retailers do not sell products, they are trying to keep their communities via different types of social engagement while trying to figure out the nearest future of their businesses. In this research project we consider the influence of “sustainability” as a megatrend. UN sustainability goals (5) Gender equality, (9) Industry, innovation and infrastructure, (12) Responsible consumption and production. The following Research Questions will be brainstormed and analysed among the partners, that will help in the designing the approach for the project application that we will apply on 18 November 2020. RQ1: What are the defining characteristics of the Nordic “Fashion Spaces”? RQ2. What are the current characteristics and practices of “Fashion Spaces”? RQ3. What are the characteristics of digital natives’ interactions with “Fashion Spaces” on Instagram? RQ4.What are the characteristics of Nordic fashion brands practices of “Fashion Spaces”? RQ5.What is the role of sustainability in Nordic fashion brands practices of “Fashion Spaces”? Fashion loves novelty, and advances in information technology and retail marketing have provided the perfect answer for that. The fashion industry doesn’t necessarily have the technical skills, and the tech side doesn’t necessarily have the textile retail maketing needs to communicate with the fashion side. This project aims to realize the full potential of cross-sectoral innovation and knowledge gap that exists to meet end market demand for futuristic fashion and retail solutions.


BIA-Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena