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IS-DAAD-Forskerutveksl. Norge-Tyskland

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence Applications in Service Sector

Tildelt: kr 27 521

Artificial intelligence (AI) developers predict altering of business models and customer behaviour, cost reduction, improvement of forecasting, and customization of the services. AI has the ability to acquire, process, interpret and learn from different types of data, and make autonomous decisions. In doing so, it can automate some of the tasks performed by humans and thereby threatens existing human jobs. The potential to obscure the borders between biological, digital and physical aspects of the contemporary world explicitly increases the level of fear and anxiety of frontline workers. However, focussing only on AI, while ignoring human intelligence leaves great potential aside. While AI outperforms humans on objective and structured tasks, they can only learn from the past. Humans excel in creative and affective aspect, e.g., managing relationships, providing customized solutions or developing and experimenting with innovative ideas. While AI implications are heavily discussed in business and management literature, the implications and requirements for human-AI collaboration are still at its infancy stage. Previous research primarily focuses on technological and economic aspects of AI. However, research on the organizational transformation that is shaped by human-AI collaboration requires further theorizing and empirical evidence. In this project, we plan to work on several goals while conducting a series of case studies. First, we contemplate to extend our understanding of how human-AI collaboration transforms job characteristics and organizational routines. Particularly, we will investigate the complementary benefits of human-AI collaboraiton for service work. Further, we intend (ii) to explain how managerial practices change in response to the change in job characteristics caused by the AI implementation. Finally, we intend (iv) to investigate how humans perceive AI-empowered digital actors that collaborate with them in organizational routines.


IS-DAAD-Forskerutveksl. Norge-Tyskland