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BIOTEK2021-Bioteknologi for verdiskaping

DL: Center for Digital Life Norway II

Alternativ tittel: DLN 2.0

Tildelt: kr 50,0 mill.

Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN) is an ambitious, large-scale initiative to foster and boost transdisciplinary biotechnology research and innovation, creating value and solving challenges of societal importance in the framework of responsible research and innovation. DLN2.0 will continue to focus on enabling convergence of biotechnology and molecular life sciences with computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics and statistics as well as with social sciences and the humanities to understand, control and utilize highly complex biological systems. The competence hub, the strategic and operational core of DLN, consists of an expert task force with representatives from the seven partner institutions (NTNU, UiO, UiB, OUS, SINTEF, NMBU and UiT), a scientific director and an operational management team. The hub will focus on five competence areas: data and models; communication and internationalisation; innovation and industry; responsible research and innovation, and change management; and training and career development. The primary objective of the DLN2.0 competence hub is to enable, support and guide the research projects and researchers associated with the centre in a transformation process, by building on the already established community, creating model systems to foster and support responsible research and innovation as well as sharing of data and open science, in interaction with all players in the value chain. The hub will act as an agent of change so that the experiences from DLN as a research and innovation policy pilot inspire institutional change in the owner institutions and other research performing organisations in Norway. Involvement with key actors including universities, the institute sector and the industry is needed to secure a lasting impact of the transformation efforts made within the centre. Efforts will be put into becoming a visible actor and a beacon for transdisciplinary digital biotechnology across Norway and internationally.


BIOTEK2021-Bioteknologi for verdiskaping