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Growing Inequality: A Novel Integration of transformations research - the future of work in Norway and the three forces transforming it

Tildelt: kr 1,0 mill.

Horizon-prosjektet GI-NI skal bidra til et inkluderende Europa gjennom en bedre forståelse av tre store transformasjoner: teknologisk fremgang, globalisering og migrasjon. Det skal også tilby policy- og styringsløsninger for å sikre mer like muligheter og resultater. Tilleggsfinansieringen vil bli brukt til å spre de tidlige funnene av dette prosjekt og engasjere interessenter i Norge for å diskutere fremtidsscenarier og offentlig politikk. Det er nødvendig å heve debatten i Norge: Hvordan skal vi forberede oss på utfordringene som venter?

The Horizon project GI-NI aims to contribute to an inclusive Europe of shared prosperity, by providing a better understanding of the changes and joint impact of three major transformations: technological progress, globalisation and migration; and offering policy and governance solutions to better equip citizens and companies, securing more equal opportunities and outcomes. The supplemental funding will be used to disseminate the early findings of this project and engage stakeholders in Norway in discussing future scenarios and public policy. It is necessary to raise the debate and ask stakeholders in Norway: How will we prepare for the challenges ahead? In alignment with the main project, this project will focus on technological progress, globalisation and migration. Much data is already available in Norway, and we are aware of the necessity of understanding these transformations in order to create more jobs and greater welfare. The region of Agder has particular challenges to living standards such as a relatively high drop-out rate and an increasing number of families living below the Norwegian poverty line. The transition from oil and gas to renewable industry presents an additional challenge for Agder. We will collaborate with the municipality of Kristiansand and Agder county to hold three thematic workshops which involve not only regional stakeholders, but also national actors such as KS, NHO, LO and Kompetanse Norge to explore the themes of the GI-NI project and focus on solutions. The challenges facing Norway cannot be seen in isolation. Instead of speculation, we base the workshops on data and discuss what implications the findings of the Horizon project have for Norway with its distinct industry, well-developed labour systems and relatively highly educated population. By applying knowledge from the rest of Europe and inviting the partners in the main project into collaboration in Norway, we aim to apply global solutions to regional challenges.