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Channelling in Adventdalen, RiS ID 11606

Tildelt: kr 21 249

This study investigates the wind climate in Adventdalen and Adventfjorden by identifying connections between the above-valley (large-scale) wind and the within-valley wind, both on a climatological scale and for detailed case studies. For the climatological approach, the combined wind density distribution of above- and within-valley winds will be calculated. This will give an indication of relevant forcing mechanisms driving the local wind. In the case studies, the valley winds, and their temporal and spatial variations in particular, will be attributed to (large-scale) weather situations, allowing to quantify the different forcing mechanisms' relevance and strengths. Some of the data for case studies will come from previous investigations in this area. In addition, new data will be collected in this project by installing temporary weather stations at locations that will be identified using the existing data. This way, the new data will give me unprecedented information about the spatial and temporal extent of the winds in Adventdalen, relevent for example for local aviation and dispersion of pollutants in the area.


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum