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LOng-Range transport of pollutants to Arctic area by Seabirds RiS-ID: 11631

Tildelt: kr 49 999

This AFG project (RIS-ID 11631) involves sampling connected to my master thesis dealing with migratory seabirds as potential source for long-range transport of pollutants to the arctic environment beeing a part of a larger research activity at Department of Chemistry NTNU. Migratory seabirds have been indicated to be a potential source for long-range transport of several pollutants to the arctic environment. Seabirds is a top predator and will therefor be a good indicator of bioaccumulation and biomagnification in the arctic environment. The contribution to the long-range transportation by migratory seabirds of pollutants to the arctic needs to be studied more to fully understand how the pollutants accumulate in the arctic. Aim of this project is to identify contamination and to link this contamination to birds. Initially there have been two other master projects on this theme, but more information is needed to expand the knowledge about the connection between long-range transportation of contaminants and the birds. Sample activity will include soil sampling. However, we will also be prepared to do opportunistic sampling of feathers and guano if possible. Locations planned for sampling are three islands in Kongsfjorden (Ny-Ålesund): Storholmen, Leirholmen and Innerholmen. Additionally, sampling is planned at Ossian Sars (Ny-Ålesund), Nordvågfjellet (Ny-Ålesund) and Fuglefjellet beside Botnfjellbreen (Ny-Ålesund). The fieldwork is planned to be carried out during the week 16-23. august. The plan is to sample at least 5 samples from each location (at least 30 samples totally). All samples will be brought back to NTNU for analyses of heavy metals as well as selected organic pollutants, using ICP-MS and GC-MS.


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