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GRØNNPLATTFORM-Grønn plattform

Enabling a low carbon society through marine minerals utilisation

Tildelt: kr 0,30 mill.

The use of minerals is a vital part of green value chains. The main project will aim to enable utilisation of marine minerals in low carbon technologies to be able to reach the targets as set out in the Paris Agreement. The demand growth for metals, depending on the climate change scenario, will increase by a factor of 2,1 up to 4,2 (2,7oC to 1,75oC scenarios). In these scenarios there will be a strong increase in metals demand for batteries and renewable energy production such as wind and solar power and in addition to electrification and new digital solutions. The main project aims to cover a wide part of the value chain and at different TRL levels according to the technology development specific needs for each part. The main project will focus on the most critical areas along the value chain to make it sustainable such as resource mapping, sampling and characterisation, production technology, preparation and processing, environmental aspects and techno- and sustainability economic studies. In this work the tasks and most relevant parts of the value chain will be determined for activity candidates in the main project.


GRØNNPLATTFORM-Grønn plattform