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PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020


Tildelt: kr 60 000




2020 - 2021

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The main objective of this Eurostars project is to develop a new injectable hydrogel loaded with a bioactive peptide (NuPepTM) and an inorganic phase (e.g. Smartbone® microparticles) that can be injected directly into the bone defect site for a faster bone regeneration. Injectable scaffolds provide numerous advantages over pre-formed scaffolds (implanted through surgeries). The gel to be developed will target 2 medical applications: craniofacial/dental treatments and orthopaedic applications – namely spinal fusion. Each of these applications have specific challenges (e.g. at mechanical level) and it is expected that specific formulations for each application will be required in order to reach optimal regeneration. The new product rely on promising technologies, NuPep (innovative bioactive peptides) and Smartbone® (an osteoconductive and angioconductive bone substitute), that were developed and are being exploited by the members of the team that will form the Eurostars consortium. Such technologies have demonstrated huge potential to efficiently regenerate bone in a controlled process, avoiding side effects such as cancer development. We believe that the combination of these technologies in an injectable system will disrupt bone regeneration existing systems by inducing a controlled regeneration while being administered through minimal invasive procedures. The Eurostars project enable us to: 1) formulate the ideal combination of gel, peptides and inorganic phase to each envisaged application, 2) characterize the physical and biological properties of the final products; 3) obtain safety and performance data on in vitro + in vivo models, i.e. pre-clinical testing on craniofacial and spinal fusion bone regeneration. The Eurostars program will provide the necessary financial input to develop and validate our injectable system, which has a huge potential to positively disrupt current methods, positioning the system for clinical trials initiation.


PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020