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GRØNNPLATTFORM-Grønn plattform

Sustainable industrialization and production of battery systems

Tildelt: kr 0,30 mill.

The electrification of vehicles is expected to drastically change the use of aluminium in cars. While the combustion engine disappears (consuming 42kg aluminium/car) new aluminium components will arrive. A main new component are the battery casing and surrounding crash protection system. It is predicted an increase of aluminium use in electrical cars with close to 150kg aluminium/car as compared to the traditional combustion engine cars. Aluminium is light weight and has good impact protection properties, but is also 100% recyclable in an infinitive loop, given that the alloy and trace elements are managed throughout the loops. The pre-project addresses the described opportunity, aiming at developing a strong consortium capable of conducting a high-impact main project demonstrating a complete battery system including the battery design and production, battery tray and protections systems, battery lifecycle monitoring and maintenance, and end of life decision support, cascading reuse and remanufacturing and recycling of batteries, tray and support systems, as well as the aluminum without any leakage to the nature. Battery trays, and battery protection systems, can be the new "backbone" of a car, integrating a multitude of functionality. Hence, material properties and structural behavior of the product is crucial to meet these criteria as well as productivity and competitiveness for the supplier value chain. This project aims at investigate how Benteler, and its innovation ecosystem, can bridge the "valley of death" for design, manufacturing and recycling of battery protection systems for the automotive industry. Benteler seek collaboration with NTNU, Sintef Manufacturing and networks and actors for battery cell production, remanufacturing and recycling for exploring synergies and business opportunities for large scale production of battery systems in Norway based on circular economy principles. Targeted customers are Volvo, BMW, Porsche and Bosch.


GRØNNPLATTFORM-Grønn plattform