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ENERGIX-Stort program energi

MVO IEA Hydropower TCP, Annex XIII, Hydropower and Fish 2021

Tildelt: kr 0,25 mill.


Even though hydroelectric production is the leading form among renewable energy sources its environmental impact, especially on fish populations, challenges the sustainable use of the technology. In order to approve new hydro projects or renew commissioning on existing ones environmental concerns have to be addressed throughout the licensing process. Since 2013 the Annex XIII aims to facilitate common understanding on general concerns to this crucial part for the economic framework of hydropower. The main objective of the Annex is to share information among the member countries regarding to the hydropower induced impacts on fish and common solutions to address them. By transferring knowledge and experience it also helps to recognise "best practice" recommendations for the management of fish and hydropower facilities. Over the 8-year project period the annex succeeded to achieve its goals via numerous workshops and conferences. Further, it engaged several international experts to compile information into a Roadmap during the end phase of the project. The document, which beyond presenting the main conflicts among ecological and technical, economical interests, presents a simple decision-making tool to the user to identify conflicts and best practices to address them. Unfortunately, due to the unfavourable circumstances in 2020, started with the loss of former Operating Agent, Hans-Petter Fjeldstad, as well as the worldwide pandemic situation, official closing of the Annex XIII with the completion of the RoadMap has been postponed to 2021. Under this proposal coordination of the Roadmap will be continued to finalise it and close the Annex XIII. This work will mainly involve: -coordination of the remaining work on the RoadMap, incl. editorial tasks and assistance in the review process -report and administrative duties towards IEA Hydro (incl. participation on ExCo meetings) -dissemination of the work on national and international forums, e.g. HYDROCEN and HYDRO 2021


ENERGIX-Stort program energi