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HELSEVEL-Gode og effektive helse-, omsorgs- og velferdstjenester

SMIT2021 - Annual conference of iSMIT (International Society for Medical Innovation and Technology)

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The 33rd SMIT Conference, SMIT2021, will be held in Oslo from 22nd to 24th of September, 2021. The theme of the SMIT2021 Conference is Synergies between Healthcare and Technology. SMIT2021 is an international scientific conference covering the wide field of multidisciplinary advancement of minimally invasive therapy, covering both clinical and technological disciplines. As professionals are getting increasingly specialized, field- and profession-specific conferences are getting narrower thus reducing overview and coverage of the intersection between the different fields. SMIT2021 provides a stage for cutting-edge technology in research and development as well as clinically used at hospitals all over the world. Thus, the conference will present the content in a comprehensible way, to many different professions, in particular technologists and clinicians. This conference stands out because of this. Apart from presenting the forefront of the international research, SMIT2021 will be a great way to promote national research work by inviting well-known technical and clinical experts working in Norway. This includes fields of internationally recognized research work on minimally invasive interventions, cardiac interventions, medical AI, visualization, and navigation to mention some areas. We will give the participants of the conference an excellent global showcase of the latest research and cutting-edge products within the field of minimally invasive therapy to national and international stakeholders.


HELSEVEL-Gode og effektive helse-, omsorgs- og velferdstjenester