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Nursing Home 2030 - Pre-project for Health Pilot

Tildelt: kr 0,30 mill.

Nursing home 2030 is a pre-project to establish the basis for an application to the programme Health Pilot. The aim is to develop a service robot that can contribute to new, sustainable working methods in nursing homes. This is thus an effort to respond to the increase in staffing needs in the healthcare sector, and contribute to a more effective utilisation of the competencies of healthcare personnel. "Nursing homes 2030" thus intends to present the solution for cost- and functional optimisation of technology in future nursing homes, and most importantly, free up time for staff to provide high quality person-centred healthcare to older people. This pre-project has a multidisciplinary team, with representatives from both technology, nursing, and psychology, to provide the initial analysis of the current situation in nursing homes, to prepare for a project to Health Pilot, representing the future reference for nursing homes. The following key factors are required to form a good consortium for the main project: Competence; The consortium must include the required competence from research and development, industry, and end users to accomplish the project, and all members must be committed to the project. Finance; The members must have financial power to provide liquidity and cover the in-kind contribution. Management; The consortium must have the required experience and project management competence to manage and administrate the project. Cooperation; The consortium must invest time to create good relations and open, creative and respectful working conditions.