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Soraytec Smart Meter SSM - transformation of the old European grid into a digitalised smart grid

Tildelt: kr 74 999




2021 - 2021


In most regions, the electricity distribution market is a natural monopoly ruled by authorities and Distribution System Operators (DSO). The most important market trends are grid digitalisation, the need to optimise grid operations and the decentralisation of energy resources. Our target customers are the 2,400 DSO companies in Europe, supplemented with a few overseas utilities with whom we cooperate in pilots. DSOs operate over 4 million distribution transformers. We estimate that one-quarter of those will be refurbished by 2030, offering a huge market potential for us with one million SSM units installed. Calculating with an average unit price of €4,000, we have a €4 billion Total Achievable Market in the period. Due to our resource constraints, we defined a multistage market entry starting with countries where we conduct pilots that pave the way for the commercialisation. Besides Norway and Portugal, our first-wave country list includes the US and New Zealand. SSM can contribute to a greener environment through a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. In our pilot, we validated a 3% power saving due to lower electricity transfer loss. Taking the official IEA emission factor for the EU (0.5 kg CO2/kWh power produced), this equals a 140t annual CO2 emission cut per device or 140 million tonnes annually for one million units.