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The overall vision of the HighLift Accelerator project is to prototype, pilot and commercialise our novel heat pump technology. Our patented, reverse Stirling process driven high temperature heat pump, HighLift, is based on a process with high theoretical efficiency and use environmentally friendly working media. This makes our heat pump very suitable for delivering heat at high temperature – also suitable for steam generation. Highlift generates high temperature steam from low temperature waste heat, providing temperature lifts of 10-150 degrees Celsius. Compared to other high-temperature heat pumps on the market today, our solution is unique in that it can deliver hot water or steam at up to 200°C. This is radically different to anything that is on or near to market today. HighLifts enablement of Stirling processes facilitates a paradigm shift by supplying significantly higher output temperatures that are required for a myriad of industrial processes in a manner that is independent of fossil fuel sources. Ultimately, HighLift is estimated to result in emission savings of 18.7m tons CO2 by 2025. The aim of the envisaged project is to move our current prototype technology to TRL8, preparing it for commercialisation onto the global markets. The HighLift technology has a major market potential compared to current state-of-the-art technologies. To increase our commercial success and impact, we have created a Strategic Business Plan, as a detailed roadmap, describing all necessary activities we need to undertake to ensure a successful market introduction. Now, we seek to develop our Commercialisation Plan (CP), which will form an important part of the final Business Innovation Plan (BIP), to be created in this Accelerator project. As the envisaged Accelerator project builds upon a validated prototype technology, the majority of our efforts will be focused on piloting and commercialisation activities.