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SPatial Agriculture Digital twin interoperablE platform

Tildelt: kr 0,15 mill.




2021 - 2022



SPADE focuses on delivering a digital environment of interoperable services through available drone platforms able to reduce the risks of the use of drones and other remotely piloted aircrafts. Thus, SPADE contributes to the stock-taking of innovation in the use of drones as multi-purpose vehicle in agricultural production, forestry and the development of rural communities. SPADE digital environment will be demonstrated by assessment of the potential of drone usage related to different regulatory scenarios. SPADE digital environment builds on an open, API-based, interoperable, and federated IoT architecture and the development of business models to the use of drones, bridging the interoperability gap of smart object platforms and creating markets for drone services in rural areas. SPADE digital environment addresses risk-based modelling, the integration of data and information across different platforms, establishment of an open marketplace, large-scale demonstration, multiplication of novel applications, the leverage of infrastructure and inclusion of public services. SPADE platform is based on innovative approaches to assess and reduce the risks related to drone applications, especially in the context of spraying. SPADE pilots follow an evolutionary agile, well-delineated, and lean approach demonstrated in large-scale applications capable of meeting social and economic objectives critical to boost new rural services and business for drone operations and deployment. SPADE digital environment supports a vibrant ecosystem of developers, service providers and user communities and addresses barriers currently opposing the socio-economic development of spatial sustainable solutions. SPADE digital environment provides the support of a GIS Digital Twin platform that will give access to modelling and forecasting of agriculture/environment supply and demand. SPADE digital environment is based on several Horizon 2020 projects, like AW-Drones, ROMI, VICINITY, AURORAL.