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Geopolitics, Security and Military Power in the Arctic

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The research exchange will facilitate activities that will improve knowledge production on the role of Military Power in the Arctic. In time of this application, a research cooperation between the NDUC and the MCU has already started. The cooperation aims at producing new peer-review articles, books, popular science essays as well as workshops and conferences in Norway and in the USA. The research stay will have three main components: (I) A special edition of the peer reviewed journal “Arctic review on law and politics” focusing on Military Power in the Arctic, where Njord Wegge is "Guest Editor", are now in the research stage. The research exchange with the MCU will strengthen the quality in the final stages of the peer-review and editorial process that will take place in the fall 2022. (II) An edited book in Norwegian focusing on "Military Power in the Arctic" (Publisher: Cappelen Damm Akademisk), where Wegge is editor is currently being written. The contributors come from several Norwegian Universities. Chapter topics include assessments of Law of the sea in the Arctic, interpretation of article 9 of the Svalbard Treaty, as well as investigation of Naval operations and Air power in the Arctic Ocean and the Barents Sea. A manuscript deadline is set for the end of 2021. A stay at MCU will facilitate for an updated English version of this book and include MCU scholars among the authors. (III) According to the exchange agreement with the MCU, Wegge will publish a new journal article in an international Professional Military Journal. On January 5, 2021 The Department of the US Navy released an Arctic strategy labelled “Blue Arctic”. In this document the Department prepares for “an increasingly accessible and navigable Arctic Region” and identify needs for the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard to prepare for more activities in the Arctic region. The article will address this strategy and identified needs as a part of the evolving Geopolitics in the Arctic.