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KLIMAFORSK-Stort program klima

A SETAC Pellston workshop on incorporating climate change predictions into ecological risk assessments

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2022 - 2022

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The project is the organization of a workshop in Oslo in June 2022, with support from the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC). The workshop has the format of a so-called SETAC Pellston workshop (https://www.setac.org/page/PTWorkshops). These workshops bring together environmental professionals from academia, government, industry/business and NGOs to advance the state of knowledge and promote resolution of technical issues to identify solutions for pressing environmental challenges. SETAC has organized 60 Pellston workshops, of which 50 has been located in USA, only a few in Europe, and so far none in Norway. In a previous SETAC Pellston workshop (Wisconsin, 2011), resulting in 7 publications (https://setac.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/etc.2037), we examined the influence of global climate change (GCC) on the foundation and practice of environmental toxicology and chemistry. What is still missing today is a collaboration among environmental toxicologists, chemists, and GCC modelers that could produce an improved ability to conduct environmental risk assessments useful for informing strategies for adaptation and mitigation of the impacts from GCC. This would include sensitive ecological habitats such as those found in Arctic regions, arid and semi-arid regions, as well as those in equatorial locations and island nations. We aim to strengthen this type of collaboration by organizing a dedicated workshop with experts from USA and Europe as well as other continents.


KLIMAFORSK-Stort program klima