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BEDREHELSE-Bedre helse og livskvalitet

Promoting sustainability of antimicrobial resistance preparedness in sub-Saharan African countries

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Based upon the successful experience from the previous more than 10 years of collaboration, this group of Norwegian and African scholars plan to apply for the coming Norwegian Research Council (NFR) call for collaborative projects to meet challenges in society and business. NMBU and UIO have already ongoing cooperation and the research groups from both universities have a long history of teaching and research in African countries. This research and education have focused on the One Health triad human, animal and environmental health. A network of academic and clinical partners with relevant competence from Norway, Ghana, Zambia, Uganda and Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar are already established. A workshop with the aim to write a full application will be hosted by the University of Dar es Salaam at Zanzibar in January 2022. This approach was successfully used when writing the NORHED I; TRAHESA, 2014-2021 application, funded by Norad. If the Covid-19 situation restricts international travel, an alternative method with local or regional workshops and digital network meetings and workspace will be adopted.


BEDREHELSE-Bedre helse og livskvalitet