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A leap towards SAE Level 4 automated driving features – real-time testing of a vehicle on real infrastructures and environments

Tildelt: kr 0,55 mill.

Develop a large-scale CCAM demonstrator from Norway to Holland with local context and international reach for both personnel and goods transport, show-casing that theory works in practice. The demonstrator will reveal technology-based, regulatory-based, and security-based gaps and suggest fixes to further automated long-distance driving for goods and personal transport. Goal: Bring out the synergies from large-scale cooperation between carmakers (OEMs), road operators and the ITS industry to leap ahead to SAE Level 4 operation in the EU. For trucks and passenger cars - from a user perspective: Demonstrate how fully utilised CCAM support automated long-distance driving. Involves testing aspects such as: • Long-distance tests of Automated Lane Keeping Systems on motorways at high speeds. No hands • Dynamic speed and traffic rule updates (TN-ITS) • Dynamic infrastructure and lane advice • Infrastructure-assisted Minimum Risk Maneuvers and Safe Spot advice. • Specialized roadside assistance for automated vehicles. • Roles of mapmakers (Tomtom, Here) to provide HD-maps for navigation and maneuvering • Communications o Protocols (5G/G5) o Safety and security aspects of CCAM-messages o Traffic Management Centres (TMS) to vehicle (C-ITS) and to fleet management systems Benefits for goods transport: • Increased safety, security, and efficiency • Infrastructure support. E.g., assisted driving from motorway to warehouse • Cost-efficient operation due to off-loading driver responsibilities Benefits for personnel transport: Safe coexisting of vehicles and vulnerable road users Communication between road users, travelers, and transport providers • Lower the risk of accident due to human error