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NGI Constantine

Tildelt: kr 0,14 mill.

The next step is to create a new generation of products and services: the Trusted Data Economy, where citizens from all backgrounds will be able to use these products and services while keeping control of their data, without being overridden with the management and protection technicalities. Moreover, Europe must develop the technologies, architectures and protocols to build those solutions in full compliance of its regulatory framework. NGI CONSTANTINE will be the reference centre for the development of those solutions. We will attract the best 300 internet innovators, distributing 9.6M€ in funding, it will be supported by notorious open-source ecosystems federated by the Eclipse Foundation, MyData as the leading European initiative for personal data sovereignty, and SIGNICAT as the European leader of Digital Identity. NGI CONSTANTINE will drive the effort to attract the best internet talents to develop the Next Generation of privacy-respectful Internet technologies, products and services; supported by sound business models to ensure the sustainability of the new Trusted Data Economy actors.