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Electrification of heavy machinery

Tildelt: kr 74 999





2021 - 2022


We target the world wide market of construction machines, hydraulic powered machinery in the onshore, offshore and subsea industry. We want to establish a new organization and production facilities. Business development organization with serial production specialist, build test center and production facilities for "the missing link". We want to manufacture electric actuators for direct sale, offer licence production, commissioning sales and supply follow on servicing on bespoken packages. This includes supply of complete electric package solution, control systems and electronic components. The innovation is environmental friendly, it will drastically reduce the energy consumption for the construction machinery and other application where hydraulic systems will be replaced. The electric actuator is 40-50% more efficient than conventional systems and it will remove the need for hundreds of liters of hydraulic oil for each machine. By 2025 all construction sites shall be carbon neutral. This means that most construction machines will be running on batteries, hydrogen or electric power from a grid. To increase the efficiency and save battery size, size of power grid etc. smart solutions are required. We have the solution and technology for reducing the energy consumption from construction machines by 40-50%. This will be an huge improvement. The oil and gas industry, especially in Norway are electrifying more and more oil platforms and electrification of hydraulic systems is a key factor to achieve this.