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AAL-Active and Assisted Living Research and Development Programme

Preact to lower the risk of falling by costumized rehabilitation

Alternativ tittel: Forutse risiko for fall gjennom individuelt tilpasset rehabilitering

Tildelt: kr 0,54 mill.

PRECISE; Forutse risiko for fall gjennom individuelt tilpasset rehabilitering Every year one out of three adults over 65 falls in their own home, which costs an average of € 9,370 per fall in related health care services. There is no doubt that costs of falls are high, both to the individual, carers, and society. Besides the harm to the physical body, the mental state of the elderly is affected as the fear of falling is enlarged and limits the otherwise independent elderly as they stop activities that they like. The healthcare expenditure for treating fall-related injuries in the EU is estimated to be € 25B each year1. There are many initiatives in this area, e.g. programs to work on gaitspeed and balance, functional workouts, home assessment, and modifications. The challenge with these solutions is that they are either too general or financially heavy since they consume human resources to tailor solutions the individual needs. DigiRehab A/S offers tailored workout programs for the elderly in homecare. DigiRehab has an extensive database of exercise results and general demographic information, which creates the basis for developing the PRECISE project. In this project, we will develop an intelligent decision support system, to help identify at-risk elderly citizens and provide the proper exercise program to the citizen. For the PRECISE project, the goal is to design a solution for the end-users to test in a realistic setting and with formal and informal caregivers. The solution should find citizens at risk of falling and give them an individual exercise program, thereby saving the health system from a financial burden among fall-related health costs in seniors. The functions include end-users, both primary, secondary, and tertiary, and the development of business cases for the respective countries. User-Centered Design will be a recurring theme in the design process of the solution. There will be a strong focus on the end-users opinions.


The outcomes of PRECISE comprise a fully mature and accurate DSS platform to evaluate the risk of falling in the elderly age group. This assessment will enable tailored and customized interventions according to a specific individual profile. Leveraging from the DGR training platform and the available app, the solution will allow a continuous monitoring and reporting of results after a specific training timeframe. Importantly, public, and private homecare providers will be offered a broader and qualified service, that optimizes care services and allocation of man force. Caregivers will be able to deliver a more professional service, more efficient and providing the right insight to each individual patient. Lastly, PRECISE will also set up flexible business models to each targeted country – so they rightly fit into customers and end-users needs and requirements. Ultimately, primary end-users (elderlies) will see their self-reliance, physical condition, motivation, and sense of purpose improved significantly - thus reducing healthcare costs and the use of medicine, while avoiding clogging healthcare services. Presently, DGR deploys the DGR training platform in the Danish and Norwegian markets. Based on the insights taken from the last few years, we envision that the new solution will have its market entry by mid-2024 in these two Nordic countries


AAL-Active and Assisted Living Research and Development Programme