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The evolution of ice cored glacial forefields using a 3D modelling approach (EVOice), RIS id 11819

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2022 - 2022

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Collection of field data from ice cored moraine complexes in Longyeardalen, Adventdalen, Mälardalen, Hanaskogdalen, Van Mijen fjorden, Reindalen and Borgdalen on Svalbard. The objective of the collected data is to analyze surface and subsurface changes, and estimate the dynamic response of ice cored moraine complexes over time in relation to climate forcing. Additionally, investigation of the ice content magnitude and thermal regime, measure ice flow/ creep and mass waste, and to investigate the distinction between ice cored moraines and debris covered glaciers. Main method is Structure from Motion- photogrammetry, with data collected in the field by the means of UAV photography, aerial optical imagery surveying from aircraft, geomorphological mapping with field computer and ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveying in accessible areas proximal to Longyearbyen. The aerially collected data will be used for 3d modelling for the purpose of digital elevation model differencing, surface feature tracking and estimation of ice flow/ creep velocities of ice cored moraine complexes. The geophysical data will be processed and analyzed with the end goal of determining the thermal regime of the internal ice in surveyed ice cored moraine complexes. The geomorphological mapping will aid in understanding the surface processes which occur on ice cored moraine complexes in relation to climate forcing, local variabilities in terrain and local weather variabilities. The geomorphological mapping will be based on processed digital elevation models and orthomosaics. Mapping with field computer will compliment the remotely sensed mapping, in areas feasible to access.


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