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Holocene climate influence on methane cycling by microbes in high-Arctic lakes

Tildelt: kr 56 584

Arctic lakes release large -but not well constrained- amounts of methane (CH4), a potent greenhouse gas. This project delineates the main field campaign within my postdoctoral project aimed at capturing methane cycling archives from lakes in the rapidly warming Arctic. I will participate in the joint 2022 Svalbard PolarCH4ives UiT-UiB-UWrfield expedition and retrieve lake sediment cores from five lakes along Wijdefjorden to investigate the influence of centennial to millennial climate change on microbial processing of methane in Arctic lakes through ancient metagenomics (DNA) and metatranscriptomics (RNA). By controlling for local lake processes and environmental histories, our study design will isolate the climate-related mechanisms underpinning microbial-methane dynamics over century to millennia, thereby placing the natural contribution of Artic freshwaters to the increasing greenhouse gases and their sensitivity to climate change onto a long-term context.


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum