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Automated analysis of wildlife camera monitoring, RiS ID: 11829

Tildelt: kr 51 903

During the first part of my thesis, I will be creating a methodology for automated analysis of camera monitoring data of the nests of geese and terns using artificial intelligence. In order to test if this program works, I will need to obtain enough new camera data of nests on Svalbard and put these in my software program. By adding this camera-monitoring data and adding it to our already-existing (but not yet analysed) dataset, I can efficiently study the current and future trends in nesting success, nest attendance and predator-prey interactions of barnacle geese and arctic terns on Svalbard. In addition, creating a working software program that can be used by many researchers in the arctic can help reduce human disturbance of nests during research activities, making the observations more reliable.


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum