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Mapping of the vulnerable cultural heritage sites in Russekeila, Svalbard using geophysical tools (Archephysics)

Tildelt: kr 65 000

The Archephysics project will address three major challenges in Arctic geoscience: (1) determine precise locations of the known historical objects particularly the graves and remnants of the building construction which are at risk mainly due to the rapid development of the coastal erosion and also, (2) evaluate the presence of other historical objects with no surface occurrences (unidentified) related to the remains of a Russian wintering station, and (3) identify optimal geophysical approach for detecting archaeological objects given the challenging geomorphological conditions of the Arctics. All three topics are significant and relevant in Svalbard, where many historical objects are at risk either due to the natural hazards such as coastal erosion, thaw slumping, and thermo-erosion gullying or human activities such as tourist visits. The project will use two non-destructive geophysical tools i.e. magnetic gradiometer and GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), a near-surface geophysical method that functions based on the Electromagnetic theory and can be used to study the top few centimetres of the subsurface.


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum