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Impact of added nutrients on the onset of plant senescence, RiS-ID 11865.

Tildelt: kr 63 016

The aim of my master’s project is to study how increased nutrients (primarily nitrogen and phosphorous) affect the phenological development of deciduous plants in autumn (specifically: senescence, ie leaf colour change) in High Arctic tundra. Furthermore, it aims to improve methodology for use of Near-Remote-Sensing (NRS) to gain and interpret vital end-of-season plant phenology data. The hypotheses I will test are: 1.The addition of water and nutrients delays the onset and development of senescence and prolongs the growing season in nutrient-limited plant communities of Adventdalen, Svalbard. 2. A good correlation between Near-Remote-Sensing images and manual observations of plant senescence can be achieved for the end of growing season in Svalbard. I will manipulate plots by adding water and dissolved nutrients, and record the onset and development of plant senescence manually by eye and hand-held instruments, as well as using NRS to collect image and Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) data.


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum