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Climate change drives fluctuations of glacier lakes in Svalbard - Crammebreane case study, RiS ID 11620

Tildelt: kr 77 000

Since the 1990's, the number and size of glacial lakes have been observed to increase as a consequence of climate warming. Most research on glacial lakes has focused on high mountain areas such as the Himalayas or along the margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet. To date little is known about the development and functioning of glacial lake systems in Svalbard. My PhD aims to improve our understanding of fluctuations of glacial lakes in Svalbard since the end of the Little Ice Age. During my proposed AFG project, I will focus on one of the most interesting and complex glacier lake systems in the archipelago – the Crammerbraene lakes, located in Bellsund (SW Spitsbergen). During fieldwork I will conduct a geomorphological mapping survey of these lakes and their surroundings to identify landforms connected to past GLOF events which I found by analysing remote sensing materials. The geomorphological mapping will be supplemented by time-lapse camera monitoring and monitoring of water level and temperature. By using remote sensing data (from my preliminary research) in combination with field observations, I would like to carry out the first multidecadal study of a glacial lake system in Svalbard.


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