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HAVBRUK2-Stort program for havbruksforskning

RAS for sustainable land-based production of high-quality seafood in Asia (RASiA)

Tildelt: kr 99 999

The RASiA project is intended to be an open webinar on Recirculating Aquaculture Systems focusing on promoting R&D and commercial collaborations on RAS-technology in South-East Asia, facilitated by leading R&D institutions in Norway and Thailand. The RASiA webinar will address primarily, but not exclusively Norwegian R&D institutions and industry providing RAS technology and associated solutions, as well as Asian R&D institutions, fish farming industry, sensor technology providers, authorities and not at last the general public. The RASiA webinar will be arranged by SINTEF Ocean (SO) in close collaboration with the Kasetsart University (KU) in Bangkok, Thailand. Thereby, RASiA intends to be an ignition point for further collaboration in form of R&D projects on RAS.


HAVBRUK2-Stort program for havbruksforskning