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ENERGIX-Stort program energi

MVO: Operating Agent for IEA Hydro AnnexIX 2022-2024

Tildelt: kr 0,75 mill.

This project is to support the Operating Agent in IEA Hydro Annex IX in the work planned for 2022-2024. Planned and proposed activities within the Annex is listed below. The Operating Agent will coordinate these activities: • Annex IX online meetings normally four times per year • Participate in IEA Hydro ExCo meetings, normally two times per year • Disseminate White Paper and Report "Valuing Flexibility in Evolving Energy Markets: Current Status and Future Outlook for Hydropower" • Participate in Hydro 2022, Hydro 2023 and Hydro 2024 conferences, where there are also both TCP and Annex meetings • Finalise and publish factsheets (se deliverables plan) • Disseminate report "Role and Challenges of Pumped Storage Hydropower Under Mass Integration of Variable Renewable Energy" • Edit and publish a report "Hydropower providing flood control and drought management: Case studies (common task with Annex XII)" • Write a White Paper as a summary of the report "Hydropower providing flood control and drought management: Case studies" together with Annex XII. • Write White Papers and Reports according to deliverables plan • Organise workshops, webinars and seminars • Discuss common work and publications with other TCP (Wind, Solar PV). It is planned to organize back-to-back meetings with TCP Wind. The Operating Agents of TCP Wind Task 25 and TCP Hydro Annex IX will also participate in each others' meetings. • Discuss further collaboration with IEA • Discuss further collaboration with IRENA, IHA, the World Bank, the EU, Eurelectric • Update webpages • Collaboration with IEA Hydro Annex XII • Inform Norwegian interested partners about IEA Hydro activities.


ENERGIX-Stort program energi