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Fast Tracking the Route to Market for BRUNEL Floating Offshore Wind Turbine – BRUNEL PES

Tildelt: kr 0,15 mill.




2021 - 2022


In the IA project, we will demonstrate a new innovative and cost-effective FOWT foundation to reduce LCOE by using monopiles and BFOWT towers. We will seek validation through modelling, economies of scale, and competitive supply chains. Our objective is to develop, validate, and demonstrate a new floating offshore wind turbine (FOWT) design that utilises tubulars with large diameters, as used in monopiles and wind turbine towers, as the basic building blocks for a modular and scalable design that can be mass produced, and to demonstrate how validation of FOWTs can be performed using a combination of computational modelling and model tests instead of costly full-scale prototypes. Together, the new type of floating foundation, which uses large tubulars instead of plated steel or concrete and computational modelling, will reduce CAPEX costs and LCOE as well as deployment times by e.g., utilising existing supply chains from other marine industries. The main expected impact that will benefit wind energy developers, owners, and operators is that computational modelling for validation and demonstration will disrupt the offshore wind energy sector by reducing the deployment time of full-scale commercial FOWTs from 10 years to 3-4 years.